Easter Eggcitement with my Kikki K

Some of you may have already seen my YouTube video on this beautiful yellow goodness but I thought I would write a little blog post as I'm in love. If you have not seen it go check it out here: Kikki K Planner Unboxing

So it's just turned spring and I've got my fingers crossed for gorgeous weather but living in the UK that's not going to happen. Never mind at least I have this beauty to brighten up my dark days.

This is my first Kikki K and it's a very bold choice I know. If I'm honest this wouldn't have been my first choice as I was wanting a blue one but now I have it I wouldn't change it. It was on special offer at www.kikki-k.com for only £25 so I couldn't resist and after somebody kindly gave me a £5 off voucher I thought it was a no brainer. I'm so happy with it now I've got it.

The quality of the Kikki is the best so far out of all my planners. Don't get me wrong I love all my planners but I feel this will last longer than some I own with it being real leather. Now that I own a Kikki I want more. They have brought out a new range but I can't say I'm keen on cats and tangerine is just not my colour. I'm so excited to see what other ones they bring out and I'm sure I will be owning more. I can't wait to go visit my sister in London so I can visit the Kikki K shop in Covent Garden. I'm imagining it to be magical and I've heard all the staff are super friendly and into planning them selves? I love it when someone has a passion for where or what they do so can't wait to meet them. No doubt I'll write a post about my trip but until then I'll just admire all the goodness from afar.

Happy Easter everyone!


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