How many is too many planners?

I thought I would start my first blog with that age old question. How many is too many planners?
Well I don't think you can have too many. I love swapping and changing after all who sticks with the same handbag or shoes every day?

 Here’s an introduction to my relatively small collection in comparison to other people that I follow on instagram or facebook. I just love all the different colours to choose from but I can say one thing I am definitely a personal size planner girl. I just cannot get along with an A5 size. I wish I could as there are some beautiful ones out there.

Most of my planners are Webters Pages as I got them at a bargain price but I am constantly adding to my collection. I’ve recently purchased a Kikki K but that will be in a new post soon. I can’t wait to start a Kikki collection. 

I have only been planning for 5 short months but I have found collecting planners and planning in general can be an expensive hobby, but I the way I see it is I don’t drink (much) or smoke so I can get enjoyment through this.


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