The Reset Girl Haul

I'm still relatively new to the planning community so my sticker collection is, well it's non existent to be honest. I really want and need to build my collection and have a list of functional stickers I need already.
I've been admiring The Reset Girl stickers for a while now but being in the UK postage was always a biggie. I'm finding a lot of sticker makers are in America so sometimes postage costs more than the stickers them selves.

The Reset Girl must have heard my prayers and not only was she giving free shipping but she also had 40% off. I immediately started adding things to my cart and hit the checkout button fast in case it was a mistake. Yay! It wasn't.

I chose a variety of different stickers but wish I'd ordered more as who knows if she will ever do this offer again. (Please do it again if you read this haha)

Seriously though the quality is amazing and I love the fact they are on matte and glossy paper so I will definitely be ordering more.

Massive thubs up from me and if you would like to see my youtube video on this then click on this link. The Reset Girl Haul Video.

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