Washi Hot Air Balloon

My head is often in the clouds dreaming, planning and deep in thought. Ironic really considering I’m scared of heights.

It was a gorgeous day, Noah was in school and Florence was down for her afternoon nap. I seized the opportunity to sit in the garden and have some me time. I grabbed my Rose Platinum Webster’s pages traveller’s notebook (wow that’s a mouthful) the cheapest set of watercolours as I am not an expert and I don’t know how to paint and some washi tapes from my huge collection.

Oh yeah wait a minute Mr postman.

Look what arrived in the mail!

Hypothyroidism can kiss my......

I'm exhausted and have planned in my head and written this blog when I should be sleeping! Everyone is tucked up in bed as its 2.30am but hey I have hypothyroidism so my body sticks to fingers up at sleeping at night. It wants me to sleep during the day when things need to be done, children need to be taken to school and errands are sky high.

I'm certainly no April fool- April Goals

Setting goals is my plan for this month. I plan every week but don't set myself goals. As I suffer from anxiety I don't get out much and my weekly spreads mainly focus on my children's activities rather than my own. I look at it on a Sunday night after I've finished and think pull yourself together and do things for me. So I'm setting goals and see where it takes me.

So here are my goals:

* family time- I'm a working mum, wife, I run a non profit organisation and constantly running around after my children with after school activities and clubs so family time is so important to me this month. I really want to spend quality time with them before they grow up and I don't get that opportunity again. My husband and I have booked a long weekend away with the children and we're going to focus all our attention on them. Switching off from the world in the lovely Lake District. No phones, Internet etc. That's a massive thing for me but it needs to be done. We have so much planned and I can't wait. Going for lovely walks, swimming, visiting cute shops and having fun. That's the main aim of this trip.