Hypothyroidism can kiss my......

I'm exhausted and have planned in my head and written this blog when I should be sleeping! Everyone is tucked up in bed as its 2.30am but hey I have hypothyroidism so my body sticks to fingers up at sleeping at night. It wants me to sleep during the day when things need to be done, children need to be taken to school and errands are sky high.

I have lots of things planned for tomorrow but I'll wake up and not want to leave the house. It's horrible, this illness is ugly and it makes me ugly! Seriously 4 hours sleep is not enough and no amount of makeup can cover that.

I feel like a prisoner in my own body. Nobody understands it unless they have it. It's the 'lazy' illness. The amount of people that call me lazy or refer to me as bone idle is soul destroying. I want to be able to wake up and go play with my children but I need to take 3 tablets a day for the rest of my life to give me that slight motivation to do so.

I'm literally a walking advertisement for hypothyroidism. I have every symptom going. What are the symptoms you may ask well here's some just to name a few.

What are the Symptoms?
* Weight gain
* Slow movements, thought and speech
* Pins and needles
* Breathlessness
* Dizziness
* Palpitations
* Loss of libido
* Difficulty swallowing
* Hair loss especially outer third of eyebrows
* Dry skin
* Muscle and joint pain
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Loss of appetite
* Constipation

Don't get me wrong I do have some really good days where I'm active and on fire. I get jobs done and I feel like Beyoncé 'run the world' but they are really few and far between.

I was diagnosed 6 years ago after the birth of my son but looking back I feel like I must have had it a lot longer. I don't feel the condition is made aware as much as it should as a lot of people can have it and not realise. It's only thanks to listening to other people's experiences and following Hypothyroid Mom on Facebook that I realised there were other people like me.

Yes I have hypothyroidism but hypothyroidism doesn't have me! I'm going back to the doctors for more blood tests soon so maybe my mess need changing? I'm not going to let it ruin my life I'm going to learn to deal with it.

Thanks for reading even if it maybe waffle. Blame it on lack of sleep?


  1. Well done on the posit I've attitude!! I totally know where you are coming from I have a few auto immune diseases. 15 meds a day! And it sucks because it's invisible like yours. People sometimes just don't understand how we look ok but inside our body is screaming for sleep or because of pain. I love your new travelers notebook! I got one too from Anna but I got the blush gold dot one. Using it the same way as yourself by using it to writem down feelings and health tracker. It can help us see trends in our health and moods. I'll stop rambling now haha! Loving your blog away to read more 😁😊