May Lust List

Being realistic there is noway I will receive all these in May I know that but it is my birthday month so if the husband does stumble across this post and I receive one of these then I will be one happy lady.

1. Joules Raina Grape Leaf Floral Parka
I am in love with this coat. I've been looking for a thinner waterproof coat for a while now as I only have a thick bulky winter one. I love Joules and floral patterns so this is right up my street.

2. Polaroid Zip Instant Print Mobile Printer
I adore taking photo's but never print them. Now that I have started my journal I want to be able to add photo's on the go and this seems like it would suit my needs.

This really is a book just to look pretty on my self I think but I am really hoping I will read it. I've heard mixed reviews but mostly really positive ones so thought I would give it a go.

4. CANON PowerShot G7X
I really want to up my YouTube game and that was one of my April goals. With this I really want to be able to take beautiful looking photos, great quality video and who knows I might even start vlogging. (Just need to build my confidence up)

5. Silhouette Portrait Contour Cutter
I buy lot's of sticker's from amazing company's on Etsy but it is costing me a fortune. I thought this would save me money in the long run. I'm not wanting to set up my own shop it will be only for personal use and to give gifts to pen pals etc.

6. MacBook Pro
Now this is an item I have been lusting over for a very very long time. I am a very creative person so I feel this would be perfect for me. I love blogging, YouTube and creating and I know this is going to help with all of those things. I hope this year I will own one.

7. NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick- Embellishment
Stop! This colour is everything. I need it. I actually want all colours but I have been wanting this colour ever since I seen it. As I am so pail I think this will compliment my skin without washing me out.

8. Pandora September Birthstone Ring
Finally the Pandora birthstone ring for September even though my birthday is May. Both my beautiful children are September babies so I want something that will remind me of them. I would also like my birthstone and March (for my husband) to stack as they are prefect stacking rings.

A girl can always dream. What's on your lust list?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh I love the idea of a lust list. I may have to have a go at one myself:)

    1. Let me know when you do! I love looking at lust lists but mine gets bigger once I do haha